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The group has closed its research activities. All members have moved to other labs or companies worldwide. Thanks to all coworkers for your outstanding contributions.

Dr. Sven Askes (Post Doc), now at AMOLF, The Netherlands
Dr. Vadde Ramu (Post Doc), now at University Leiden, The Netherlands
Dr. Gandra Upendar Reddy (Post Doc), now at Texas A&M, Quatar


Phone: +49 3641 9 48 129 (Laboratory)

Writing the Ph.D. thesis
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Dipl. Chem. Martin Elstner (Ph.D. student), martin.elstner(at)
Dipl. Chem. Steve Gläser (Ph.D. student), steve.glaeser@…
Dipl. Chem. Jörg Axthelm (Ph.D. student), joerg.axthelm@…